The Best Team I Could Ever Have

Somebody said, “Some people only check on you to see if you’ve failed yet. Nah, still winning.” It’s sad, but it’s true. I had a “friend” who did this for years. One of the ways she would check on my progress was by asking if my family was still my only team. By her logic, if I was not yet able to hire outside the family, I wasn’t doing that well. I would frame my answer in a positive tone, but it frustrated me that I felt like she was satisfied that it was still just us.

After years of experiencing non-supportive vibes from that “friend,” I finally decided to put some distance between us. I’ve become very intentional about discontinuing relationships like this. I’ll share more about that on another day. But I will say that I have no shame in my family team. We are small, but efficient.

As the leader of the team with the creative vision for our brand, I handle the majority of the day-to-day tasks. I make the candles, plan for future products, manage social media, and handle other marketing activities. I’m in the shop almost every day.

My mini-me/daughter Justyn makes the room and linen sprays, wax melts, and body products. She’s also our photographer and inventory manager. My girl does a lot, all while studying full-time at Spelman and working in the shop once a week.

My husband Justin has the important responsibility of shipping orders. He also manages the website. I appreciate the time that he dedicates to Candles 4 the Culture because he also has a full-time job as a software engineer and sells real estate, life, and health insurance (@justinyouragent).

I have no doubt that one day we will expand beyond what we are able to handle on our own, but I’m grateful for where we are now. Everything will happen in God’s timing. Having gratitude for what we have is key. In life, people will try to rush you according to their timelines or try to shame you for not being further along in your journey. The irony is that they often haven't accomplished what you have and have the audacity to judge you, but I digress.

You, me, we—have to trust our individual journeys. F them people!

Thanks for your continued support.


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